Good Clean Fun

Our Sustainability Mission
(and yes we choose to accept it)

We’re acutely aware of the impact our products have on our planet, and in 2021 we began making changes to reduce our environmental footprint.

We’re prioritizing the use of responsibly sourced materials, such as FSC paper, recycled card, and soy inks. We’re reducing the amount of plastic in our products, and where we’re finding plastic difficult to remove, we’re working to find biodegradable, recycled, and recyclable alternatives that have less of an ecological impact.

It’s a journey, and we’ve got a ways to go, but we hope you join us on our mission to make Good Clean Fun.

What we've done so far...

2021: Began reviewing our entire range to identify sustainability changes (e.g. removing plastic shrinkwrap, switching from plastic seals to biodegradable cellulose or recyclable paper seals, etc.) and applying as rolling changes to reprints.

2022: Our bestselling Selfish™ series was given a sustainability overhaul to be made from entirely FSC®-certified materials and removing all plastics. This included substituting the plastic die in Selfish: Zombie Edition for an FSC®-certified wooden die and changing the internal trays across all titles from black plastic to pulp materials. The change to tray materials alone has prevented 1,137kg black virgin plastic from being produced so far, and the closed-loop production process of pulp waste materials only adds to the environmental benefits.

2022: All new and reprinting products made using FSC®-certified materials from now on.

2023: Launched our new card game Roarsome! in a dinosaur egg-shaped case made from a biodegradable corn starch PLA formula. We also switched our bestselling game Avocado Smash to the same material, saving 3,276kg of virgin plastic – that’s roughly equivalent to the weight of a female African elephant – from entering the environment in just six months.

2023: Our Fall range was entirely free from virgin plastics.

2024: Sustainable materials are always developing, and it is important that we keep learning and improving. PLA is good but now we know 100% recycled PP is better, because this reuses post-consumer waste rather than new raw materials. In 2024, we’ll start moving all reprints of our shaped cases to use 100% recycled PP.

Our Supply Chain

We care about how our products are made and the people who make them, that’s why we ensure all our suppliers have valid and in-date full ethical audit reports issued by an accredited body (SMETA, BSCI, or ICTI).