Hello! We're Ridley's Games

Awesome games and gifts packed with personality—that’s our passion!

Ridley’s was founded in 2009 in the historic city of Bath, UK, (you can say Bah-th, Baa-th, Barth, or Baarf, we don’t mind!). Since then, we’ve created exciting, original, and award-winning games including Avocado Smash™, Selfish™, and Funky Fungi™. You’re welcome!

Known for our innovative packaging and tongue-in-cheek, lighthearted humor, we’ve achieved global success (Oh, stop it! Really, you’re too kind!). But ultimately, Ridley’s is a crew of curious creatives who care deeply about making stuff that brings people together with fun and laughter to create memories that last a lifetime.

We pride ourselves on creating games that are social, accessible, and re-playable; the kind of games you want to pull out again and again. From hilarious party games, light strategy games, and fast-paced card games to intricately illustrated jigsaw puzzles, challenging trivia sets, and more, our impressive range is full of fun that appeals to all ages.

So, take a gander, have a mooch, find a gift for your beloved, and discover your new favorite game! If you’d like to share your thoughts and feelings then we’d love to hear from you @ridleysgames … just keep it clean, yeah?